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1. Brand Advantage
International advanced brand mobile operation system, strong brand influence, more than 30 years of leading experience in franchising chains.
2. Open up channels for partners and cooperate in various ways
Single Store Franchise (Flexible Franchise Policy, Independent Promotion Planning)
Shopping mall counters, special offices (flexible franchise policy, independent promotional planning)
Establish regional brand developers in prefectures and municipalities (fully responsible for the construction of PROGEN brand terminal channels in specific areas, brand operation and promotion)
3. Low Risk, Zero Inventory
Perfect return and exchange mechanism, flexible, independent sales policy, to ensure that franchisees low risk, zero inventory.
4. Unobstructed information channels for franchisees and companies
Powerful ERP terminal data transmission management system, international leading sales terminal information feedback and instructions transmission channel mechanism, to achieve timely and efficient information communication between franchisers and companies.
5. New Brand Promotion Concept and Operation Mode
In addition to regular TV advertisements, newspaper advertisements, outdoor advertisements and network publicity, the company has also established strategic partnerships with 100 powerful media in China to jointly promote the development of PROGEN brand. In addition, the company will also carry out brand promotion and sales planning support of one store according to the specific conditions of each store.
6. Multi-point Logistics Base, Fast and Low Cost Logistics Distribution
PROGEN has set up regional logistics centers in major logistics hub cities throughout the country, with plate-based logistics distribution and mature logistics management mode to ensure fast and efficient logistics support for franchisees.
7. Professional and all-round on-site opening support
Before the opening of the new store, the company appointed staff to assist in site layout, guidance, professional planning team to provide comprehensive planning support.
8. Professional, Single Store Operation and Management Training
According to the specific situation of a single store, the company formulates a system, an effective store management process, and regularly carries out targeted business training for store managers and purchasing guides.